Publicity and Media

Media referrals

SupportLine is regularly used as a source of referral by the media to accompany television and radio programmes of a sensitive nature where it is felt that viewers may be in need of support and information.

The BBC Audience Lines have used SupportLine as a referral to accompany a number of programmes which has included:

Radio 1:"One Life Campaign" - issues affecting young people

Radio 1: Sunday Surgery - relating to issues affecting young people

Radio 4: Choice - Michael Buerk interview with survivor of abuse

BBC "Hitting Home" series - domestic violence

BBC "Eastenders" - child abuse and domestic violence

BBC "Grange Hill" - bullying and relationships

BBC Scotland Frontline - rape

BBC "My Little Secret" - child abuse

BBC series "Hunt for Britain's Paedophiles" - child abuse

BBC "Kenyon Confronts Open to Abuse" - child abuse

BBC "Real Men" - child abuse

BBC "Obsessive Compulsive Disorders" - compulsive disorders

BBC "My Son The Killer" - murder

BBC "Life's Too Short" - relationships

BBC "Panorama" - Seroxat

BBC series relating to Bullying - school and workplace bullying

BBC 'Hunt for Britain's Paedophiles' - Child Abuse, Paedophiles

BBC series relating to Care - Children In Care and Leaving Care

We have also been used by Broadcasting Support Services as a referral to accompany a number of programmes which has included:

"Skinny Women" - body image, eating disorders and self harm.

"Hollyoaks" - rape and domestic violence.

"The Dresser" - Jane Andrews (dresser to Sarah Ferguson), murder and suicide

"The Gary Glitter Story" - child abuse, paedophiles

We have been used by Channel 5 after programmes which have included:

"Oprah Winfrey" - rape

"CSI (Criminal Scene Investigation) - If These Walls Could Talk" - rape

"Law and Order" - rape

"Freshman Fall" - date rape

Other programmes which have used SupportLine as a source of referral have included the daily talk programmes "Kilroy", "Trisha" and "This Morning".

Callers are also referred to SupportLine by GPs, Health Visitors, Social Workers, Teachers, Youth Leaders, Social Workers, Mental Health Teams, Police Community Safety Units, Police Child Protection Teams, Scotland Yard's Anti-Paedophile Unit. Callers are also passed our number by a wide range of other agencies which have included NAPAC, Get Connected, Samaritans, Salvation Army, NHS Direct, British Red Cross, Toast, Headway, National Debtline, Women's Aid, Citizen Advice Bureaux, MIND.

SupportLine was also used as a source of referral by the Met. Police Serious Crime Group Child Protection Team to give support to survivors of abuse in relation to the prosecution and conviction of a paedophile which received national press coverage.

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