About SupportLine

Aims of the service

  • To provide a telephone helpline offering confidential emotional support to any individual, children, young adults and adults, and in particular those who are socially isolated, vulnerable, at risk and victims of any form of abuse.

  • To listen, support and respond to callers in need of emotional support.

  • To support callers in a non-directive way and empower and encourage callers to take control of their own lives and come to their own decisions.

  • To provide emotional support also by post and email.

  • To provide a telephone/email/postal befriending service to those people who are particularly isolated and vulnerable and who are in need of additional support.

  • To provide accurate information on other support groups, agencies and counsellors throughout the United Kingdom.

  • To produce information literature which can be forwarded to callers on specific issues.

  • To provide a high quality and reliable service to all users.

  • To provide continuous support, training and development for staff members/helpline workers.

  • To continuously assess and review the service provided and to be committed to providing any improvements necessary in the service.

  • To be committed to Equal Opportunities in all aspects of the service.

  • To encourage feedback in order to evaluate the service provided to callers.

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